Initially started as Kristi Freeman, DVM, Inc. in 2002, we became San Diego’s first full time exclusive mobile euthanasia and hospice practice.

In 2013, we added a clinic, changed the name to Graceful Departure Pet Center, and became San Diego’s first brick and mortar End-of-Life clinic and also offered San Diego’s first eco-friendly cremation option.

In 2017 we became certified as Fear Free℠ Professionals. Adding Fear Free℠ techniques has given an additional level of comfort and stress reduction to the pet by paying attention to their emotional wellbeing. Whether in the pet’s home or in our clinic, we use a canine or feline pheromone spray to help them feel welcomed and relaxed. In the clinic, we chose non-slip flooring and non-clinical furniture. When entering an examination room, it looks like a living room to further diminish any fear, anxiety or stress. Having plenty of treats nearby, for human and animal, is never a bad idea! In 2019, we became the world’s first Fear Free℠ Certified End of Life Practice.

In addition, our clinic retains the expertise of Susan Raimond who utilized her knowledge of vibrational science, (also known as biofrequencies and electroceuticals) to bring healing and calmness through the senses when one enters our clinic. The Harp Enrichment Therapy music is unique from all other forms of music because of the harmonics and specific chords which bring healing vibrational wavelengths to each cell of the body. The colors on the walls are specifically chosen to not only reduce fear, anxiety, and stress for the pets, but also to promote calm, healing, and a sense of wellbeing to our clients. Essential oils are also diffused, which is the quickest way to access the brain to, hopefully, bring a sense of calm and peace.

We strive to be on the cutting edge of science to promote healing in all areas – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual and provide a peaceful, graceful departure when a cure is no longer possible.