Ever wondered why your cat behaves the way it does? Here are a few of the most common cat behaviors explained:

  • Head butting: Our cats often show their love by head butting us. It is also a way to mark you with their scent.
  • Tail up: When your cat has their tail straight up, they’re usually in a good mood and want your attention. Often, they display this behavior when you come home.
  • Kneading: As kittens, cats would knead their mother to get milk. When they do as it as adults, it shows that they’re in a relaxed, happy state.
  • Rubbing on things: Cats rub on things to leave their scent, effectively marking their territory.
  • Leaving gifts: Sometimes cats will bring you bugs and other critters to show their love and appreciation for you (and to show off that they are a good hunter).
  • Exposing their stomach: When a cat exposes its stomach, it is being vulnerable, showing you that it feels comfortable around you. Sometimes it also means they want belly rubs.
  • Slow blinking: Does your cat ever give you a slow blink that feels like a secret message? Well, it kind of is. It means they are enjoying your company.
  • Chattering: Do you hear your cat making strange sounds at the window? It usually occurs when they are excited and “hunting” prey.

Now you have a better idea of what your cat’s behavior means which should help you form a closer bond with them.