CBD has become quite the talk of the town recently as a natural alternative to various pet prescriptions. So, what exactly are the benefits and how could it help your beloved feline and canine family members?

Hemp-based products (like CBD) are fairly new to the market, so research is a bit limited. However, early studies suggest CBD could be a promising addition to any pet’s health routine.

Have you ever met someone who seems to be great at everything they try? That is CBD. For many pets, it has been shown to promote relaxation, support healthy joints, improve heart health, ease digestive stress, and may even reduce those pesky symptoms of seasonal allergies.

One particularly exciting study published in the journal PAIN found that CBD has the potential to help treat canine osteoarthritis, an inflammatory condition many paw parents are familiar with. Experts have estimated this condition – which results in pain, stiffness, and the loss of mobility – affects about 20% of dogs over the age of one. This study found when dogs with osteoarthritis consumed CBD, almost all of them showed significant decreases in pain, as well as an increase in mobility and overall quality of life.

But this study is just one of the many exciting trials showing the positive effects of hemp for our four-legged friends. Further research in the coming years will likely continue to uncover the hidden benefits of this natural treasure.

With all these exciting benefits for pets, canine best friends Jax and Cali (along with their humans) launched Petly CBD to help household animals live their healthiest and happiest lives.

As lifelong animal lovers, Jax and Cali’s dads, alongside dedicated team members, made sure to create only the best of the best at Petly CBD. They set the highest standard for their products, including organic farming, removing even the most minute traces of THC, and rigorous third-party testing. Their ongoing philosophy is to never give anything to their pets they would not take themselves. Based out of San Diego, the Petly CBD team continues to help four-legged friends across the country to live their best lives.




By Giuliana Rankin, Content Manager