You have probably heard about the mental and physical health benefits of CBD for adults, but did you know it can also be good for pets? Some of the key benefits of CBD for pets include:

• Pain relief: CBD can be used for pain management, even as an alternative to traditional medications. Whether your pet has arthritis or another condition, CBD could help them enjoy a better quality of life.

• Reduced anxiety: It can be hard to leave our pets behind when they show signs of anxiety when we are gone. CBD can have a calming effect on your pet, helping them feel less anxious. It can also be used for events and gatherings at your house, during which pets are typically afraid.

• Seizure control: CBD has been shown to have anticonvulsant qualities, helping to decrease the frequency and severity of seizures in pets. Seizures can be scary for both you and your pet, so it may be worth a try.

• Reduced nausea: CBD can be used to improve pets’ appetites and reduce nausea. If you have a sick or senior pet who vomits frequently, CBD may help them feel better.

• Improved sleep: If your pet has trouble sleeping and keeps you up at night, giving them CBD during the day may help improve their sleep cycle (and yours).

• Cancer treatment aid: Studies have shown that CBD can aid in cancer treatment, including reducing the size of tumors. CBD is best used as part of a combined-approach cancer treatment.
If you are going to try CBD for your pet, check with your vet and make sure you purchase a supplement that is specifically made for animals.