Summer Lovin’.

The beach, ice cream, barbecues, pool parties, longer days; the dog days of summer are here! It is our favorite time of year and we are thrilled to celebrate by bringing you fun and informational summer features. In our summer issue you’ll find stories of taking your four-legged friend camping. To our cover models; Linda Katz and Charli sharing their heartwarming story.

We are proud to have recently expanded the family by adopting Maple, our adorable calico cat from the San Diego Humane Society. She joins our family, which includes Micho and Winky and the staff here at a pet’s life magazine as our new Social Media Maven. The smile our pets put on our face is huge and we hope to share that same love and happiness with YOU.

With gratitude,

Danitza, Esteban, Micho, Winky & Maple

4809 Clairemont Drive, Suite 347
San Diego, California 92117
(619) 260-8353

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