Meet our new dog, Winky

…she is always winking at you!

Since the beginning of our relationship, we have wanted a dog to form part of our family. Recently, we attended the San Diego Humane Society Fur Ball where two of us arrived and three of us left. There were obviously a few more steps involved, but at the Fur Ball Gala we walked the hallways filled with adorable pets ready to go be loved and we instantly fell in love with Winky. We knew she would be the perfect addition to our family. We were not able to adopt the night of the gala but came back the next morning.

Adopting a pet is something that every animal lover SHOULD do. There are already thousands of animals in shelters across the country, all needing love and a new home. The animals are absolutely beautiful, friendly and no different than any other animal elsewhere. At the San Diego Humane Society, the process is simple where you first view the available animals in-person or online, fill out a questionnaire and then meet with an Adoption Counselor who will find the best match for you. This is a great benefit of adopting, as they will help find an animal that suits your lifestyle, family and other pets so there are no surprises. The animals have already had a medical examination and a behavioral assessment so the counselors know what will work for you. You will then sit with your potential new best friend to ensure a good match. Your pet also gets to interview you! You then complete the adoption and pay the fee which in most cases is less than $100, a great value for finding a new friend!

As we welcomed our new dog home that morning, we settled on her name: Winky. Why? Because she is always winking at you!

Winky is our little angel. It turns out that before meeting us, she had been hit by car and lost an eye. It was a miracle that she survived, and a miracle that she found us. Her sense of optimism and the never-ending love she gives makes our hearts melt. We are proud to share our story with you and our new addition to our family. She has also joined the staff here at the magazine where her keen eye has landed her the role of Art Director.

Publishing a pet’s life magazine has allowed us to learn more about the San Diego pet industry. The Fall Issue is jam packed with local pet non-profits that will touch your heart. We introduce to you our new contributing writers, David Zeligson, a pet-care expert as well as Dr. Ken Tudor, a well-respected veterinarian. With all this and more we wish you and your pets a cheerful holiday season.

Danitza, Esteban, Micho and Winky

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San Diego, California 92117
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