At some point or another, most people encounter an occasion where they need to fly with a pet. But what would one need to do when that time comes? Whether it’s because they’ve booked a one-way flight to move across country, spontaneously adopted a pet on a trip, or have taken charge of a loved one’s fur baby, understanding the process makes it much easier. Fortunately, Southwest Airlines has customer-centric processes in place for traveling with pets on domestic flights.

First things first, a reservation needs to be made for the pet by calling 1-800-435-9792. Once at the airport, the $95 Pet Fare for their trip can conveniently be paid at the ticketing counter when checking in. In order to board, the pet must be inside their carrier (carriers can be purchased one through Southwest if needed). Each passenger is permitted to bring one carrier that will fit under the front of the seat with a maximum of two pets of the same species. Any pets that will be flying must also be vaccinated for safety reasons.

Southwest Airlines understands that pets are part of the family and is passionate about helping passengers have an exceptional flying experience, and that includes their furry friends. For more information about bringing a pet on a flight, refer to their official Southwest Airlines pet policy.