By Nadia Wenell.

The Pet Pass was born out of my love for all animals, especially for my cat Luna. I love my pets and consider them part of my family. So when I was going to travel to Europe with Luna, I decided to use my talents as a graphic designer and make a Pet Passport for her as well. During that trip many people, including the customs officers, gave me such positive feedback that I knew I had to make this into a product for others to enjoy as well!

After The Pet Pass became available in the market, I realized that may people travel with their pets within the United States. That is when I developed the 50 State Stamp Stickers so that people could document their travels across the United States with their beloved pets. The 50 State Stamp Stickers allow you to write the date that you traveled into that state to document your journey with your pet as you work to visit all 50!

I also listen to my customers feedback to continuously improve The Pet Pass. At first, I only offered the Standard Pet Pass which allowed the customer to fill in their pets’ information. But after many customers wanting their pet’s information and picture to be printed on The Pet Pass I released the Customized Pet Pass. The current version of The Pet Pass also has areas for the pet’s vaccination records, microchip number and much more.

It is a single place to store all your pets’ information and track your great adventures together. The Pet Pass and 50 State Stamps can be purchased from
Instagram: #thepetpassport

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