In the wake of tragedy or disaster, it is reassuring that we can count on others to come to our aid.

That is exactly what facility dogs Chanel and Rudy of the Methodist Healthcare System of San Antonio did for victims and first responders in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, following the horrific events of the recent mass shootings.

Rudy and Chanel are trained in crisis management, making them uniquely qualified to provide unconditional love and support to the individuals affected by these tragedies. These precious pups were able to help those affected find some comfort and cope through what they have endured, which is invaluable in times such as this. This would not be possible without Southwest Airlines who helped ensure that Rudy and Chanel made it to their destinations safely and swiftly.

This is not the first time Southwest Airlines has stepped up for communities in need. In fact, community outreach is a cornerstone of the organization. Southwest Airlines’ LUV truly knows no bounds, from conservation efforts and social advocacy to charitable giving. They are genuinely dedicated to making the communities they serve, including our very own San Diego, better places to live, even in the hardest circumstances.