Saving Pets One Flight at a Time

Pilots N Paws is dedicated to its mission to bring together volunteers who can help rescue, shelter and adopt animals. Through their discussion board site, the organization serves as a platform where volunteers can work together to pull off a miracle for animals in need. So far, Pilots N Paws has saved over 150,000 animals and it all started with a pup named Brock who needed help getting to a forever home in South Carolina. Generously, a Southwest Airlines pilot friend transported him from Florida to South Carolina to bring them together and Pilots N Paws was born.

Southwest Airlines is known for their giving culture so it is no surprise that their pilots are kind enough to donate their free time to help achieve the mission of bringing pets and families together, regardless of the distance. In the last year, pilots like Captain David “Fig” Newton have used their unique skill set to transport these loving creatures to rehome cats and dogs after natural disasters. Not only do the volunteers working with Pilots N Paws give their time, but they open their hearts and provide life-changing services. Thank you for being a hero to these pets.

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