Marley’s Family and Southwest Airlines Team Members

Where are you from?

Melyna Martinez from Dallas and her mom, Lidia Martinez, is from El Paso, Texas but now call San Diego home.

What is it that you do at Southwest Airlines?

MM: I am a Customer Service Agent at Southwest Airlines and Lidia is Manager, Community Affairs and Grassroots.

What is the best part about working for Southwest Airlines?

LM: The best part of working at SWA other than the flight benefits would be meeting so many different people. I have made great friendships at SWA. It really is like a family!

What tips do you have for flying with your animals on Southwest Airlines?

MM: It is about making it as comfortable as possible for them. Having a carrier that fits under the seat is key, of course. If you book your travel early enough you could get a great deal on your ticket and the $75 fee to travel with your pet makes it that much more affordable!

Can you tell us how Marley came into your life?

MM: Marley came in to our lives when he was 8 weeks old and a friend of mine had two dogs that had puppies! I immediately fell in love with Marley, he was the only one with white paws. I believe he picked me, When I brought Marley home, he was this itty bitty little thing!

How has having Marley as a part of your family changed you?

MM: Marley has shown me unconditional love! When I first got him he had fleas and I remember crying at the animal hospital because I felt so bad that this poor helpless little guy was so uncomfortable! The vet laughed of course and knew right away that I was a new pet owner. Marley helped me feel a different kind of love that I did not know existed.

What are some of Marley’s favorite things to do in San Diego? LM: Marley loves going anywhere and everywhere he is allowed to go! He loves car rides especially when they end up at dog parks, and pet friendly restaurants!

What is a funny thing Marley does?

MM: He loves to investigate! He is the Christopher Columbus, Evil Knievel, Sherlock Holmes of dogs! He loves people! He gets so excited when a familiar face comes around that he just wants to be all over that person! He loves giving kisses!

Any other fun anecdote you would like to share?

LM: I love dogs, so when I see them flying out at work I want to hold them and love them! Marley knows the instant I come home that I have held another dog! One time the Sea World baby Otters were flying out and we were able to hold them! I came home and the normally excited Marley turned around and walked away from me after taking one long sniff. Eventually he forgave me!

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