Melyna is a frequent traveler with Southwest Airlines, but she recently travelled with her dog Marley for the first time. This is her story!

Going to visit my brother in Sacramento was my first flight with Marley; I was not sure how it would go. The check-in process was very quick and easy. We waited in the full service line to check-in and the whole time, Marley was looking in every direction, taking in all the excitement. When we got to the front of the line, we paid our $95 pet fee and with that, they tagged Marley’s carrier and it was official – Marley was going on his first flight!

Before heading to the gates, we walked outside to the pet relief area that the San Diego International Airport has close to the terminal where Marley took care of business, after sniffing around and exploring the area first of course. Time to go to the gate; we head for the TSA checkpoint. Everything goes through the X-ray machine, including the harness and leash and I carried Marley through the scanner. After reorganizing everything, we head upstairs and I decided to take Marley on a couple laps around the gate areas so he can get familiar with all the new sights and sounds and work off some energy before sitting still in the carrier.

Boarding begins and we line up and head on board. I pick a seat by a window thinking it would be better for us to have a little corner to ourselves, it ended up being a good choice. Luckily another dog lover sat next to us and was excited to have him there during the flight. Once we got to Sacramento we made our way to the baggage claim to get our bag. While we waited for the bags to come out, we went outside to the grass area Sacramento has for pets- what a relief! After we had our suitcase in hand, we went to the arrivals curb and waited for my brother to pick us up. Marley was happy to be out of the carrier and on land!

We are already planning for our next trip on Southwest Airlines. I am so happy that Marley can be a part of my vacations and thankful that it is so easy to fly together on Southwest. 

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