Here at Southwest, we like to do things a bit differently than “the other guys”. We pride ourselves on making it both simple and fun to fly wherever it is that life takes you. With that in mind, Southwest Airlines wants to enhance the Customer Experience for pet-LUVing travelers, too! We welcome small, vaccinated domestic cats and dogs in an appropriate pet carrier in the aircraft cabin. We require a $75 Pet Fare per pet carrier each way and accept payment at the ticket counter. Southwest’s pet policy states that we will accept up to five (5) pet carriers per scheduled flight. However, from time to time, circumstances may allow for more than five pet carriers on a flight.

Customers will be permitted to travel with no more than one (1) pet carrier per person. Each pet carrier can have no more than two (2) of the same species of small cats or dogs per pet carrier. To learn more about traveling with your pet, please visit us at

We thank A Pet’s Life magazine for the opportunity to share our Pet Policy and showcase photos of some very special pets – submitted by our San Diego Employees and Customers. We hope they make you smile!

Capone belongs to Cyndi Conti, Skycap for 17 years

Rescue Dog Annie belongs to Katie O’Conner, Customer Service Agent for 2 years

Miss Bailey belongs to Victoria Medina, Flight Attendant for 5 years

Bella belongs to Nicholle Mendoza Customer Service Agent for 13 years

Mr. Sherman belongs to Ellie Henningson, longtime team member

Cheena belongs to Shelby, a Southwest Rapid Rewards Customer

Tigger belongs to Sheryl Roush, a Southwest Rapid Rewards Customer


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