Who better to join you on a workout than your furry four-legged friend. With so many great running and hiking areas in San Diego who can resist getting out there and staying active. But before you head out the door here are some tips to remember. While it may not snow here in San Diego, it can get cold and wet, especially with an El Niño year!

Check with your vet to make sure your dog is in good health

  • Do not forget tick and flea protection
  • Start slow and progress at safe healthy pace
  • Use a comfortable and flexible harness
  • Tie the leash around your waist keeping your hands free and the dog close by your side
  • Bring a backpacks with water, travel bowl and food or treats
  • Doggie Booties are great if you notice the terrain is uncomfortable
  • And always come prepared to pick up after your dog with waste bags

Research has shown that running with your dog can help in motivating and improving your own health. Exercising with your dog benefits both of you and serves as a great way to bond. So get out there, be safe and above all have fun getting in shape.

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