Tagg is a lightweight GPS tracking device that attaches to your pet’s collar and lets you locate and track your pet. Your pet’s location will be shown on an easy-to-use interactive map you can access from your phone or computer. With Tagg, you never again have to wonder where your pet went. Tagg also offers the Activity Tracking feature, which lets you track your pet’s activity levels when you are apart.

During activation, you define the Safe Zone, which is the area around your home. Tagg immediately notifies you when your pet has breached this Safe Zone. Receive text, email or in-app notifications and know right away when your pet gets out. Once alerted, you can quickly and easily find them and bring them back safe with Tagg. Tagg combines accurate GPS location tracking with real-time notifications, allowing you to quickly locate your pet, rather than waiting for someone to contact you.

Shanna, a long-time Tagg customer, loved the peace of mind that Tagg provides but always hoped she would never really need it. Tagg was put to the ultimate test when Shanna and her two dogs were driving home. A truck lost control on the road and T-boned their car, leaving it totaled. Once the car stopped spinning, one of the dogs jumped out and ran off the road in a panic. Shanna’s phone was destroyed in the crash, but she borrowed a bystander’s phone, downloaded the Tagg app and used it to locate her dog and bring her home safely.


Tagg is a San Diego based company!!!!

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