San Marcos-based Sydnee’s Pet Grooming shares with a pet’s life magazine its expansion plans to franchise, with approval in 33 states.

Why a Sydnee’s Pet Grooming franchise? Be in business for yourself, not by yourself. Sydnee’s offers an established business model, tested operational systems and a highly effective mentor program focusing on growth from within. The company is proactive in the site selection process and offers cost conscious construction guidance. Strong marketing and public relations support is offered every step of the way. Linking services and additional revenue streams that grow the bottom line without adding to labor increase your growth potential. Today, with seven units in San Diego, Sydnee’s offers a proven business model. Sydnee’s is family owned and operated – our franchisees, employees, customers and their pets are a part of our family.

Sydnee’s Pet Grooming is all about creating a healthy and stylish life for pets. With consistent, friendly groomers, fresh and clean locations, a simple pricing structure and customized grooming programs, Sydnee’s cares for the pets in its community like family.

“It has been a great experience being a part of Sydnee’s Pet Grooming Franchise family. I found the company to have structure, support and a great quality product that is much needed in the growing Pet Grooming industry. Being a first time business owner the support has been crucial. I love the feel of a small personal shop setting but with the opportunity and growth in this evolving bigger business world.”
-Cecilia A., Franchisee

According to the American Pet Products Association, the pet industry is styled for continued growth in 2015, showing an all-time high in consumer spending. The industry is estimated to reach over 60.5 billion dollars in 2015 and has shown a 4.9 percent growth year after year since 2013.

Additionally, Sydnee’s PAC Foundation, and philanthropic arm, is dedicated to helping pets and their pet parents to live happy and healthy lifestyles. As part of that, the company hosts Pooch Party fundraising events throughout the year to support a variety of pet charity and rescue groups, along with a Troop Pooch military program. 

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