Pampurred Pet.

We all want to recognize another year of love and happiness that our pets have brought into our lives, and these birthday party tips are sure to please both two- and four-legged guests for a fun-filled day.

1. Let the Decor go to the Dogs

Flowers and balloons may be ideal decor for you and the kids but they might not be for Fido. Skip the potentially hazardous plants and sometimes scary balloons and opt for bone-shaped plates or strategically place some hanging scratchers.

2. Safe and Tasty Treats

While chocolate may be your favorite flavor, baking up some delicious eats that are safe for your pet and their pals is essential. Whip up a batch of cupcakes or cookies using natural, non-toxic ingredients such as carrots, peanut butter and bananas.

3. Bark-Worthy Activities

Planning activities such as “Fido Says” or a DIY cat toy station will liven up the party and allow for some great bonding opportunities for your guests and their pets.

4. Commemorate the Special Occasion

Set up a photo area to capture adorable photos of your pet and their friends or a memorable day out for owners and their fur babies.

5. Great Gifts

Provide guests with ideas of your furry friend’s likes and dislikes when it comes to toys and treats or choose a pet-oriented charity they can make a donation to in their honor.
While these recommendations can help you get started, keep your pet’s personality in mind and they’re sure to feel the love!

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