Spring 2017.

Pamper your pet with these fun and colorful Spring toys and accessories.

GoDogGo JUNIOR! A Fetch Machine designed for the smaller breeds. www.godoggoinc.com

Minion Kodak HD Wifi Camera gives a snapshot of 24 hours of pet activity www.walmart.com

Mister Migs vest for the pup to carry his own treats www.mistermigs.com

Surefeet Microchip Pet Feeder for your cats allows customized per pet feeding www.amazon.com

U-Pet Bubble Pet Carrier lets your friend take a walk with a great view. www.amazon.com

Reflective Dog Vest to be stylish and safe. www.walmart.com

Licki Your Cat Brush so you can “lick” your cat back! www.pdxpetdesign.com

Mini Activity Zone Rabbit Toy safe and entertaining. www.drsfostersmith.com

Carrot Toy ‘n’ Treat Holder for the haute décor rabbit. www.lambertvetsupply.com

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy colorful and fun! www.petco.com

Living World Teach N’ Treat interactive toy for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals. http://usa.hagen.com


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