Do you have a 21st Century pet? These apps and gadgets are perfect for you and your pet!

Tagg: A GPS tracker attachment for your dog’s collar.

Pet Phone: Helps track your dog’s health, vet appointments, medications, allergies and food preferences for your pets, as well as sync with your calendar for reminders.

iCam: Watch your canine friend remotely if you’re leaving your dog home for the first time, you recently moved or you are traveling.

Petoxins: An app from the ASPCA helps you by having a list of poisonous plants; most of them you probably didn’t know!

MapMyDogWalk: You and your dog can get fit at the same time as you log your walks, track your calories and map your favorite routes using GPS.

The Dog Translator: A unique form of entertainment and might occasionally reflect your dog’s emotions!

Dynamite Dog Names: Have fun choosing your dog’s name turning the process into fun and games.

Pet Master Pro: Manages all of your pet’s information including vaccinations, medications, identification numbers, insurance details and weight history.

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