1. Harry Barker: Cat Food Storage Canister in White. www.bedbathandbeyond.com

2. Canidae: Grain-Free PURE Chewy Treats with exotic ingredients such as bison, wild boar, trout, pomegranate, kale and rabbit. www.canidae.com 

3. Mutt-n-aise: Turkey flavored tasty and healthy condiment sauce that makes dry kibble exciting. www.mypetchup.com

4. Bark-B-Q: Pork flavor

5. Toile: Food storage canister. www.glamourmutt.com 

6. Greenies: Freshmint Dental Treats and Dental Chews. www.greenies.com 

7. Spot Farms: Meatball Dog Treats. www.petco.com 

8. K-Rex: Kleanbowl, The Healthier Biodegradable Pet Reptile Bowl. www.kinninc.com 

9. Temptations: Snacky Mouse Play bobble and treat dispenser. www.temptationstreats.com 

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