My name is Nickie and I have been grooming and showing dogs for forty years. My family has been in the professional pet industry for three generations and now my daughter is the fourth generation to be in this wonderfully rewarding business. Doug retired from the advertising world and is now chief cook & bottle washer and playing with the dogs all day.

I specialize in hand scissor cuts and working with dogs that have behavioral issues. Grooming a dog takes both trust and respect. Neither of those things can be had by bullying, muzzling or drugging. The only things that work are trying to figure out why the dog is behaving the way he or she is behaving, patience and time. With a little extra TLC, before you know it, your dog will be excited to come see us and drag you in the door, instead of back to the car.
For friendly, outgoing, non-aggressive dogs whose health is not compromised, we run an open-shop. The cage-less approach allows the dogs to roam within the secured grooming area having fun and meeting new friends, all while under our constant supervision. We truly believe that making grooming less stressful and more fun for the dogs (as well as some treats) makes for a better overall experience first and most importantly for the dog, the dog owner and the groomer.

For the less outgoing and fragile, we have very large crates available for them to hang out right next to us after they are groomed until they are picked up. We try to schedule dogs with issues first thing in the morning or late in the day, getting him or her in and out more quickly to minimize stress on the dog and the owner. In extreme cases we can do a private grooming after business hours.

Your dog’s health is important to us and we will become a critical part of your dog’s health plan. With every visit we will look at skin, coat, teeth, paws and more checking for possible health issues. If I find anything that is cause for concern, we will let you know immediately so you can take the appropriate action to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Stop by Uptown Woofs anytime to see for yourself that dogs being groomed can be happy.


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