Pet Tech.

We have compiled a list of eight pet apps to help make your life, and your pets life, easier. These apps will help set reminders for walking, safety tips, or manage the need of your pets.

1. HANDLR- Ever worried that your pet sitter might not show up? Trouble finding a groomer last minute when your dog gets skunked? Using the Handlr app, you can see who your neighbors and friends already use for their pet services and then book them right away. Instead of calling a long list of groomers or walkers who may not even have availability, you can immediately book the date and time you need right from the app. You will also receive status updates, GPS tracking and photo updates of your pet during the service.

2. Petoxins- This app helps you find out what is harmful to your dog, cat, and horse. The Petoxins app from the ASPCA offers an impressive list of poisonous plants to help keep your furry friends safe and poison-free.

3. EQStable- This app allows you to easily manage your horse or herd’s health needs. Keep track of exercise, deworming, vaccinations, dentistry and shoeing from the palm of your hand. Create a calendar of events and appointments so that you never miss important dates.

4. VetOnDemand- The app allows you to connect with a real vet at any time of day. You can chat or call a licensed veterinarian without having to wait at the veterinary office all while offering quality care for your pet wherever you are, whenever they need it.

5. Foursqaure- Foursquare is a multi-purpose app which allows pet owners to locate dog parks, vet clinics, pet stores, and more. It also allows to check in to see if friends are with their pets nearby.

6. iCam- iCam is the app which allows you to remotely monitor your pets. You can watch your pet remotely and make sure everything is safe with them from anywhere in the world.

7. EquiTempo- A very neat app that assists riders in dressage training help their horses maintain a consistent tempo through riding aids and body language. Riding with a metronome that matches the tempo you want to maintain can help you develop a consistent and rhythmic tempo.

8. Rabbit Care- This app has 88 tuitional videos on Rabbit Care and Rabbit Health keeping you fluffy and healthy.

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