Your New Best Friends!

In San Diego, there are many bars and restaurants that tout their “dog friendly” status- and why not, we know San Diegans love their dogs, and we all enjoy going out for food and drinks. But you get to the restaurant and you find a dirty water bowl by the door and the ability to have your dog sit quietly under your table as long as the other guests aren’t bothered.

Sally and Henry’s Doghouse Bar & Grill is designed for dogs that want to bring their owners along! Named after the owners two Newfoundlands, everything is designed with your dog in mind.

First, there is the special VIP (Very Important Pooch) entrance that leads you to a shaded, grassy fenced-in patio where dogs are free to get to know their friends and neighbors. It is “Dog Park” gone “Dog Bar” with its own menu and treats!

The inside is dog-themed with tables covered in photos of previous canine guests, dog-themed menu with “Scooby Snacks”, Burgers and the like, and themed cocktails- Greyhounds, Salty Dogs, Beers and Whines. The large screen TVs are always showing the latest games in HD.

Extremely popular is their “Hair of the Dog Brunch”; every Saturday and Sunday for those who want to combine recovering from last night with taking your dog out for a walk and meeting new friends.

A unique and useful offering is the Canine Cuisine To Go menu for dog owners who want to supplement their dog’s diet with healthy meats, grains and veggies. Order during the week and pick it up Sunday when you go to Brunch.
The owners are also doing their part to help out lesser fortunate animals in the community as they have fundraisers, mobile adoptions and events for The San Diego Humane Society, Pug Rescue and more.

Open seven days a week and conveniently located on Fifth Avenue halfway between the Dog Park at Balboa Park and the center of Hillcrest, Sally and Henry’s Doghouse is a perfect stopping off point for a snack or destination for drinks with friends.
3515 Fifth Ave, Hillcrest
(619) 501-8638

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