Embracing trust in the face of uncertainty.

Sometimes, the smallest things fill up the most space in our hearts. This sentiment rings especially true for the staff and volunteers at San Diego Humane Society who have cared for sweet little Spike.

Spike is a three-year-old Chihuahua mix that was brought to San Diego Humane Society in August, after he was hit by a car. It was immediately clear that Spike was in a lot of pain and was unable to walk. Yet, despite his discomfort and the unfortunate circumstances that landed him in the shelter, this tiny dog surprised all with his huge capacity to love and trust.

The veterinary team at San Diego Humane Society went right to work, gently assessing Spike’s injuries. During the entire examination, Spike was calm, patient and would softly lick the hands of everyone he encountered. At one point, he even managed to wag his tail ever so slightly – as if to gratefully acknowledge that he knew he was in the best of care.

X-rays revealed that Spike’s condition required immediate medical intervention. His little body had gone through so much trauma from the collision, that his pelvis and right rear leg were severely fractured.

With help from a local specialty veterinarian to perform a femoral fracture repair surgery – Spike received the complicated orthopedic procedure he needed in order to walk again. The operation was successful, and after weeks of meticulous postoperative care and physical therapy, Spike made a full recovery. Spike has even recently been on television and even met the Mayor!

Perhaps the most astounding part of Spike’s triumphant story is that he had every reason to be fearful and defensive with us, instead he chose to simply trust. Despite the discomfort from his injuries, despite being taken to an unfamiliar place, despite the many strange faces he encountered…all he ever expressed was love.

Thanks to support from the community, we are able to help animals in their most desperate hour of need – just like Spike.


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