Bringing Veterans & Their Dogs Together.

Southwest Airlines has long been a supporter of many philanthropic endeavors in the community, but often times that endeavor is part of the Southwest Airlines Team! One such program is their Southwest Airlines Animal Transport Team (SWATT) founded by Erica Plowman and Elaine Brown. The group of 900 volunteers, including current employees and retirees, donate their time to help coordinate the process and physically transport pets. While they help rescue pets in a variety of situations make their way to their FURever home, especially those in high kill shelters, they also partner with Freedom Fur for a very special mission.

Freedom Fur is a non-profit committed to helping veterans who are suffering from PTSD by pairing them with trained dogs. They train and socialize these pups to make them the loving and supportive companions that our veterans need after their service.

Pairing the skills of the team at Freedom Fur and the travel experience and benefits of those involved in SWATT, these organizations work together to make a difference. By generously donating their time, this dedicated group of Southwest Airlines employees and retirees’ volunteers has helped many veterans lead a better life once they’ve returned home.

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