Second Chance Dog Rescue is one of San Diego’s largest and most successful non-profit 501c3 organizations dedicated to saving homeless dogs. All of our dogs are fostered in private homes where they are loved, evaluated, exercised and cuddled. They are socialized with other dogs and in many cases, children. This way, you get a good picture of the dog’s personality and quirks. Many of our dogs are surrendered by owners for a variety of reasons: financial, illness in family, deployment or death. Often, surrendered dogs are purebred and fully trained. All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and are microchipped before being adopted.

We are always looking for new foster parents, as the more qualified fosters we have, the more dogs we can save. At Second Chance Dog Rescue, you tell us what type of dog you are interested in fostering: puppies, large breed, small breed, low shedding, etc. Also, we have weekend only and vacation only fosters.

There is great satisfaction in seeing a dog and family that are a perfect match find each other. The picture on these pages demonstrates some of the perfect matches we have made during this past year. Every dog in the picture started as a Second Chance dog! Look at them now!!

Having a dog teaches responsibility, compassion and unconditional love. Adopting a rescue dog teaches those values plus helps educate everyone who meets them about the joy of adoption, that FABULOUS dogs are available for adoption and that it is the responsible thing to spay or neuter your pets.

Second Chance Dog Rescue hosts adoption events on Saturdays all over San Diego County. Check the website for the next event in your area. They gratefully accept whatever you can give; be it time, transportation assistance, financial donations or product donations.

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