Eliminating “Economic Euthanasia” and Helping Families in Crisis.

For most pet-parents, it is difficult to imagine life without the omnipresent love that pets pour into our world. Over 82 million American households have a pet, and most think of their pet as a family member. But what happens if your pet becomes gravely injured or ill and you can’t afford the treatment your beloved companion needs to survive? What would you do? Where would you turn? For many, the only option is “economic euthanasia,” when pet parents are forced to make the heartbreaking decision of putting their pet to sleep due to financial constraints.

In response to this tragedy, a group of veterinarians and concerned citizens formed the Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE) in 2006. “We felt that the foundation would serve a purpose that is really needed in our profession,” Dr. Keith Richter, a founder and a board certified veterinary specialist tells a pet’s life magazine. To date, FACE has saved over 950 lives and expects to save their 1,000th life this year.

In addition to saving lives, FACE serves as a supportive center that guides and comforts distraught pet owners in a time of crisis. “We would have been broken apart if it weren’t for FACE,” said one grantee, whose dog Max is enjoying his second chance at life. “I will forever be grateful…the world is a better place with our animals, and with FACE in our community.”

Learn more about FACE Foundation at www.face4pets.org or by calling (858) 450-FACE.

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