A Vital Resource for Local Seniors, Human and Animal Alike.

San Diego resident Ruth is a single pet owner like many other seniors. She brought her Lhasa Apso named Kimmi into her life for companionship and the two are inseparable. Last year, Kimmi experienced a medical emergency due to a urinary blockage which required surgery. Unfortunately, Ruth could not afford this unexpected cost on her Social Security income. In desperation, she reached out to the Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE), which provided a grant for Kimmi’s treatment. Without this financial assistance, Kimmi would have been euthanized.

FACE was created in 2006 to prevent “economic euthanasia” – when pets with treatable yet life-threatening conditions are euthanized due to their owners’ financial constraints. FACE partners with over 115 veterinary hospitals and has saved the lives of nearly 1,300 pets. On average, 28% of FACE’s Success Stories are senior pets (aged 7 and up) and 12% of the pet-parents assisted are senior citizens on fixed incomes, like Ruth.

Senior wellness is now a priority of FACE. This year, FACE partnered with OASIS to offer its first educational class for pet-loving seniors. In addition, thanks to a grant provided by The Grey Muzzle Organization, FACE can focus on assisting more senior dogs with life-threatening illnesses or injuries. FACE Executive Director, Brooke Haggerty tells a pet’s life, “Here at FACE we believe that every pet deserves a long, healthy, happy life and we do not discriminate on the basis of a few grey hairs on the muzzle!”

To learn more about FACE, visit www.face4pets.org or call (858) 450-3223.

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