Meet Emerald!

You may not realize it at first glance, but this kitten represents a major challenge in our region.

Last year, San Diego Humane Society saved the lives of more than 4,600 kittens, just like Emerald. It is called “kitten season” because it is the time of year – typically March through October – when unaltered felines reproduce, especially feral and free-roaming community cats. During this time, thousands of unplanned and unwanted kitten litters are born in our community and inundate San Diego animal shelters.

Since 2012, San Diego Humane Society has been addressing the root cause of animal overpopulation through targeted spay and neuter efforts. To date, more than 17,300 spay/neuter surgeries have been performed on community-owned pets, with a special emphasis on adult cats, Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas – the specific animal populations that flood local shelters.

As part of the promise to keep San Diego County at zero euthanasia of healthy and treatable pets, San Diego Humane Society is committed to giving these fragile kittens the specialized care they need to survive. But they can’t do it alone. To effectively help such a large number of vulnerable kittens year over year, community support is needed. Anyone can become a kitten foster parent for San Diego Humane Society and make a huge difference by temporarily opening their homes to kittens, dogs, puppies, or even adult cats.

San Diego Humane Society provides all the training and supplies needed for foster volunteers to become a lifesaving extension of the animal shelter. Foster assignments are available for any length of time, for animals of all ages and sizes.

Last year, 659 foster volunteers helped save more than 2,800 animals by fostering. To learn more about becoming a part of this lifesaving team, visit:

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