PAWS San Diego, a program of San Diego Humane Society, helps people keep their pets by providing essential pet services and support to pet families living with low incomes all over San Diego County.

PAWS bring pet care services and resources directly into underserved communities in San Diego County. By hosting community events for pets and their families in targeted neighborhoods, we are reaching them where they live. At these events, they offer free or low-cost services including spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, licensing, behavior and training tips and pet supplies.

Pantry Service
This is a supplemental service intended to help alleviate some of the cost associated with purchasing pet food for pet families in transition. Income-qualified clients (San Diego residents who are receiving government assistance such as CalFresh, Medi-Cal, or Unemployment) may pick up dry dog or cat food once every 30 days at one of the distribution sites listed below.

Homeless Support
We recognize and appreciate the unique bond shared by pet families experiencing homelessness, and work in partnership with human service organizations to support these vulnerable members of our community. We offer pet care services and supplies at outreach events for the homeless to ensure that these pet owners can access services for themselves. We hold monthly pet food distribution events for homeless pet families.

Spay and Neuter
San Diego Humane Society offers spay and neuter services for the San Diego region. These resources provide affordable spay and neuter surgeries to individuals who meet eligibility requirements based on income. The service provides priority appointment scheduling to our target populations that are at the highest risk for overpopulation: pit bulls, Chihuahuas, community cats and house cats.

Ways to Help
PAWS San Diego is a safety net program of San Diego Humane Society that provides essential services and support to assist people in our community in keeping their companion animals during difficult times. As someone who cares about animals, you can join PAWS San Diego in helping people keep their pets by making a monetary or in-kind contribution. Any gifts given to San Diego Humane Society through the PAWS San Diego program will be designated to this program.