ResQue Ranch

A Place for Healing

ResQue Ranch is a non-profit equine rescue and rehabilitation center, founded by Phil Pace in 2014 and located in the peaceful rolling hills of Escondido’s wine country. Phil Pace, the owner of the popular Phil’s BBQ restaurants, had already established a solid reputation for philanthropy in the local community supporting underprivileged children, needy families and animals, yet wanted to give back in another way-and ResQue Ranch was born. A lifelong horse lover and animal rescuer, Phil, with the help of his sister, Michelle, both pour their hearts out into managing the ranch on a dailybasis.

The rescue provides shelter, food, physical therapy, socialization, training, and adoption opportunities for rescued and rehabilitated horses – horses in transition to a new life. ResQue Ranch rescues neglected, abused, abandoned, emaciated, retired, lame and injured horses, all of whom otherwise remain at great risk of ending up in the slaughter pipeline. Rescued and rehabilitated horses are, when ready, offered for adoption to eligible, permanent, and caring forever homes. ResQue Ranch is also a resource for the community and welcomes volunteers and visitors. The property where the horses roam is peaceful and tranquil. The tagline for ResQue Ranch is “a place for healing”; it is a horse rescue where horses come to heal physically and emotionally.

“ResQue Ranch, as it acknowledges and supports our duty as humans, to not measure your life not by years, months, days, hours or minutes, but by your purpose in helping those that cannot help themselves – we all have something to give, our time, our talent, and our treasure. Animals are a gift from God to be respected, loved and cared for in every way humanly possible,” Michelle Bearer, ResQue Ranch, Inc., Executive Director shared with a pet’s life magazine.