The Cat’s Meow.

7 Reasons Why Cat’s Meow.

Cats can make more than 100 vocal sounds and depending on the situation, they are capable of a much wider range of vocalizations than any other human pet. Have you ever wondered why cats meow? Well here are the top 7 reasons:

1. Saying Hello- when a human comes or if they see you in the home walking around, they are greeting you.

2. In Heat- A female cat in heat might yowl nonstop. This a good reason to take her to SNAP San Diego to spay.

3. Pay Attention- Cats talk sometimes because they want you to pay attention, initiate play, or pet. Over time they learn that meowing will accomplish that.

4. I am angry- Angry, agitated cats will often erupt screaming/yowling if they feel threatened.

5. Signs of aging- Increased vocalization is very common in senior cats because as cats age they have a decrease in cognitive function. This in turn causes a variety of meowing.

6. Sickness- Cats hide feeling sick well but making noise and not wanting to eat could be a sign of sickness. Please do not hesitate and take to your vet.

7. Stress/Anxiety- changes in the home can lead a cat to be stressed. If during these changes they are meowing non-stop it is their way of telling you they are upset.

Remember to always pay attention and spend time with your cat to calm them if the vocalization becomes abnormal. Please consult your vet to check your pets’ health and be aware for any changes in behavioral issues.

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