8 Ways Your Kids Can Lend a Hand to Animal Shelters

There are so many animals in need and we are never too young to help. Here’s how you and your kids can give back to animal shelters together:

  • Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts. Have your kids make a donation wish list to collect items for animals in need instead of their usual gift list.
  • Host a bake sale. Setting up an old fashioned bake sale in your front yard is an easy way to raise money.
  • Make homemade blankets. Make the most out of craft time by sewing blankets or toys that you can donate.
  • Organize a school donation drive. Get everyone involved by organizing a drive where people can drop off food, blankets, toys and other necessities.
  • Volunteer your time. Whether you help walk dogs, socialize with cats, or keep the animals clean and fed, there is plenty of work to go around at shelters.
  • Adopt from your local shelter. Ready to expand your family? Adopt instead of shop. There are always cute animals looking for forever homes in your area.
  • Foster animals in your home. Not ready for a full-time commitment? Serving as a foster home for animals in transition is a good first step.
  • See something, say something. Teach your children to speak up if they see an animal being harmed or in need so you can make sure they get help.

Whatever you choose to do, they will look back fondly on making a difference for animals in your community.