a pet’s life magazine is passionate about showcasing the people who are making a difference for animals. A couple who represents this passion and dedication are Pam and Jerry Cesak. Philanthropist Pam and Radio Personality of the Jeff and Jer Radio Show Jerry Cesak are kicking off a capital campaign for the Rancho Coastal Humane Society. It is called the Heart Campaign:

H… Hospital
E… Education
A… Adoption
R… Rescue
T… Tomorrow, because every animal should have one!

The funding is for a new hospital on campus that will also house their Safehouse Program (which cares for the pets of abused women while they find other housing) as well as a food bank. Research shows that providing food and medical care for the families of pets allows the pets and families to stay together and keeps animals out of the shelter. The project will also add new classrooms for Humane Education for children and additional adoption space. The hospital will be named after Pam and Jerry’s beloved cat Charlotte who passed away one year ago.

Passionate in making a difference in animal’s lives, they opened up their home and shared fun stories of their lives with their adorable pets.

What pets do you currently own?
We live with a household of cats. Anyone who shares their lives with felines knows one thing…you don’t own cats! We also have a tank full of community fish and one small bunny named Sam who was born in the county animal shelter and rescued by Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

How did they come to live with your family?
All of our cats and Sam were adopted from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society with the exception of their sisters, Aja and Isabella. We have friends who run an animal rescue and called us one weekend about two kittens who needed emergency fostering because the military family who was caring for them had to suddenly move. Of course we said yes….that was nearly four years ago! We fell in love and they are now part of our family. Jerry’s new children’s book, “My Personal Panther,” is about Aja.

Did you have to make any special adjustments to your home to help your pet?
No not really. Cats are quiet and very clean. Cats need to be kept indoors for their own protection and in consideration of birds and outdoor creatures. We were able to add a small, outdoor enclosed area to our home so that our cats can safely venture outdoors and get fresh air.

Any special locations or activities your pet enjoys?
Our youngest cat, Isabella, sleeps with us in the same spot every night. Since she’s been a kitten she’s slept with a small stuffed monkey…it is really sweet.

What is the strangest or funniest thing your pet does?
I’d have to say it’s Isabella again….her favorite thing in the world is corn chips. If she hears any type of bag opening she is there in a flash. We only allow one or two… broken up in very small pieces but she loves them! You can tell she’s a San Diego native.

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