Saving ONE senior dog at a time

Are you interested in fostering a dog but aren’t up for a rambunctious youngster? Consider fostering a senior dog like Lionel.

In 2011 Laura Oliver had the pleasure of fostering her first senior dog, a 15 year old pittie mix pulled from a Los Angeles shelter. She and her family had fostered many dogs before but the one who stole their hearts was Lionel. He was in horrible shape and wasn’t given much time to live, but his spirit and his will to survive amazed and inspired them all. After his passing, Laura and her family soon realized the amazing gifts he shared and felt compelled to advocate for senior dogs in need.

In the rescue world, a senior dog is an extreme gamble as adoption rates for seniors are low and medical costs are often high. As a result, so many senior dogs are left behind at the shelter to live out their final days in confusion and discomfort. It is Lionel’s Legacy’s goal to save and advocate for ONE senior dog at a time, and support anyone who is willing to do the same.

Considering helping? Here’s how:
1. Sponsor a Senior: seniors need multiple types of medication, treatments, etc.
2. Dog Food Needed: buy or donate money for dog food
3. Amazon Wish List: Donate and see exactly what your monetary donation buys for the seniors of Lionel’s Legacy

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