29 dogs destined for slaughter as part of the Korean dog meat trade found refuge with San Diego Humane Society as part of a Humane Society International rescue effort.

San Diego Humane Society veterinarians and animal care staff conducted exams of the dogs to ascertain their health and wellbeing and place them in the adoption process.

San Diego Humane Society did not hesitate when approached to care for these dogs. The dogs that arrived at San Diego Humane Society immediately began to receive medical attention and love!

“Our goal is to end animal suffering in any form it takes as an urgent mission for San Diego Humane Society,” Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO tell a pet’s life magazine. “Our partnership with Humane Society International is critical to our ability to provide a second chance for animals; in this case animals destined for slaughter.”

In this rescue effort, Humane Society International transferred more than 100 dogs from South Korea to the U.S., mostly mastiffs and other breeds include Jindo-mixes and Chihuahuas. HSI is working in countries across Asia to end the dog meat trade and helping dog meat farmer’s transition to more humane ways of making a living, such as farming vegetables and rice.

For more information www.sdhumane.org 

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