Rabbits are known for their gentle demeanor and unending cuteness but did you know bunnies are more than that? Rabbits bond closely with their owners, are easy to train and are clean and quiet. If you have been considering a rabbit as a pet, or perhaps helping make a difference in the pet community, here are some ways you can help in San Diego!

1. Foster
Fostering a rescued rabbit is a great way to save a life. If you are not able to make a lifetime commitment to a rabbit at this time, then fostering may be a good fit for you.

2. Become a Sanctuary Home
Permanent homes are needed for “sanctuary” status rabbits. Rabbits in sanctuary care need caretakers with rabbit experience. These rabbits may have challenging attitudes or on-going medical concerns, making them difficult to adopt into permanent homes.

3. Education Events
Participate at community events, fairs, local schools, kids shelter programs and more. Volunteers are needed to staff education booths and help bring awareness.

4. Fundraise
If you can’t adopt and have no time to volunteer but you still want to help rabbits find forever homes, you can help by raising money. Rabbits can be sponsored, you can donate online, and even shop to support rabbits.

5. Attend Events
A great way to make a difference is to attend events which help raise awareness and funds for rabbits. Fun and creative events are happening throughout the year from Yoga with Rabbits, Bunnyfest, to holiday parties. Make sure to check out a pet’s life magazine calendar for updates.


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