Max was picked up by the San Diego Humane Society last year. A few things were immediately clear about the large German Shepherd: he had no eyes, his fur was severely matted and he was incomparably sweet. Despite living in a world blanketed in darkness and receiving substandard care from his former owner, the senior dog was very trusting and affectionate.

After receiving the care he needed, Max spent some time in a foster home until he found his permanent family.

Today, the 12-year old shepherd is doing wonderfully and enjoying every bit of the love and attention in his new home. His new family is quick to share how much love this special guy has brought into their lives and what a sweetheart he is. “People can sometimes be a little hesitant about him at first, because of his size and being blind. But all it takes is a second for them to see his incredibly sweet nature. They are always blown away by what a love he is!” Max loves to be affectionate, and always welcomes extra attention that comes his way. It seems that as far as what really matters most in life – giving and receiving love – Max can see perfectly.

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