Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Established in 1981, Free Flight has evolved into a one of a kind exotic bird sanctuary where birds and people interact. It has been Dr. Robert Stonebreaker’s passion since his childhood. His love for birds started at the age of seven and he continued to engage in his life-long dream of creating that perfect sanctuary for all exotic birds. He committed his entire career to becoming a pioneer in avian veterinary medicine and providing a special and unique environment that would create awareness and encourage public interaction. Many unwanted birds have come to Free Flight have been given a chance to find a new life and that special home. We are open to the public to enjoy seeing and interacting with our parrots.

In December of 2009, Free Flight became a 501(c)3 and began a new chapter, setting many goals for Free Flight. Unfortunately, they suffered a huge tragedy in January of 2010 when Dr. Stonebreaker (Dr. Bob) passed away suddenly. This has made clients, colleagues, employees and family more determined than ever to continue his life-long passion. They plan to accomplish this through grants, donors, memberships and volunteer support.

Free Flight’s mission is to share and teach the passion of aviculture by providing a sanctuary that saves, nurtures, rehabilitates and places the birds in our care into their ideal environment. Patrons, visitors and staff have the opportunity to discover exotic birds, while acquiring valuable tools that allow them to apply their knowledge and love of birds in many diverse lifelong pursuits.

A fundamental aspect of Free Flight is their desire to reach out to the community. They want to inspire young adults and children to become involved with birds, and share the captivating human-animal bond. Their diverse programs cater to many niches. Their in-house outreach program touches the lives of children and seniors through local YMCA’s, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and private schools who take field trips to our tropical paradise. Off-site outreach programs have been to a wide array of organizations, from humane society camps, schools, senior homes, charity events and fundraisers such as Junior Seau Foundations’ “Shop with A Jock” and even a series of orchestras. Their outreach coordinator can create a special program for any event. Their Junior Docent Program is geared to teach kids ages 12-18 many aspects of avian care and behavior.

Free Flight depends on the support of patrons and donors to stay open and continue their mission. If you are interested in supporting their cause, please inquire.


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