The Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE).

The Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE) is celebrating their 2,000th life saved! In celebration of this momentous milestone, we’re sharing a special story of a girl named Sky and her best friend, Yaston, who stuck together despite all odds.

Sky has an incurable mitochondrial disorder that has left her unable to live a normal life that every child deserves. While other children take for granted the freedoms of playing outside and going to school, Sky has spent an equal amount of time in hospital beds and on operating tables trying to regain her health enough just to go home. One consolation to Sky’s illness is Yaston, Sky’s devoted service dog who helps her deal with her everyday struggles. Over the nine years they have been together, Sky and Yaston have formed a close companionship. The years of service and emotional support Yaston has given to Sky and her grateful parents has made him a beloved member of the family.
In 2017, Yaston developed primary renal hematuria, a rare kidney condition that, if left untreated, can be fatal. Sky and her family were adamant about getting Yaston the treatment he needed, but there were several hurdles in the way.

The procedure that Yaston needed is only performed by a handful of specialists in the United States, and no one in the area had that kind of specialization. In addition, the family was financially depleted because of their child’s lifelong, extensive, and ongoing medical bills and feared they had no options left.

That’s when Yaston’s family came to FACE for help. As a collaborative effort, FACE and Veterinary Specialty Hospital arranged for specialist Dr. Allyson Berent to fly to San Diego to perform the surgery at no cost to Sky’s family. He is now recovering back at home!

This treatment not only saved the life of Yaston, but of the little girl who relies on him for love and support. It is thanks to FACE’s donors and supporters that Sky gets to see her best friend again.
Please donate to FACE to help animals and families in need. You can learn more about FACE Foundation and how to donate at or by calling (858) 450-FACE.

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