Imagine for a moment if, one day, you or a family member became ill, or suddenly lost your source of income. What would you do if you had to make the decision to feed yourself, or your dog? To purchase cat litter, or purchase medication?

We hope that no one must face these difficult decisions, but we also know that challenging times can befall any loving pet family. In these times, pet owners need somewhere to turn, and pets need a safety net to protect them.

As of September 1st, the San Diego Humane Society merged with PAWS San Diego, which provides essential pet services and support to low-income seniors, chronically ill and disabled, veterans and homeless individuals.

“This is the future of animal sheltering. The best we can do for pets is to keep them out of shelters and in their homes, where they belong. This merger will allow us to strengthen our role as the safety net for animals at risk of relinquishment to shelters in our community,” Dr. Gary Weitzman, president of the San Diego Humane Society tells a pet’s life magazine.

One of the most impactful programs offered by PAWS San Diego is the Wellness Program, which delivers food and pet supplies to more than 500 homebound seniors and the chronically ill. Volunteers assist these individuals with walking pets, transporting them to vet appointments and delivering food, litter, flea medication, treats and toys.

“Our programs renew hope for people and animals. The human-animal bond is so important, and by keeping peoples’ animals with them, we are giving them hope that their situation will improve,” said Executive Director of PAWS San Diego, Geraldine D’Silva.

Renewing hope, ensuring that animals have healthy food and supplies, and keeping families together – all in a day’s work at PAWS San Diego. 

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