Four Ways to Give Back Together 

Giving back and spending time with your pet do not have to be mutually exclusive. Find a rewarding way to volunteer with your pet by choosing a method, or two, that best suit your personalities:


  • Therapy – Whether you visit a nursing home, hospital or even rehabilitation center, you can bring joy to others by allowing them to spend time with your pet. Animals of all kinds can help make a huge difference for someone who is ill or recovering. 
  • Charity Walks and Races – If your pet is athletic and social, a walk or race for charity could be the perfect philanthropic opportunity. You will be helping raise money for an organization in need and your pet with get some exciting exercise. 
  • Donate Their Blood – Like humans, sick or injured pets often count on blood transfusions to save their lives. Your pet can be a lifesaver by donating their blood. While it may sound intimidating, most vets are able to make it a fairly peaceful experience. 
  • Helping Socialize Foster Dogs – Many shelter pets have experienced trauma and have a hard time opening up to new friends. Fostering these animals in your home can help them learn to socialize and improve their chances of adoption. 

Reach out to local organizations to see how you can get start volunteering and make a positive impact in your community. 


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