“Fixing” Pet Overpopulation

A beautiful white pit bull arrives to the Neuter Scooter, clearly having had puppies quite recently. She arrives to the Neuter Scooter for her appointment to be spayed. Only 3 years old, her owner shares that she has already had 41 puppies. In those same 3 years, over 7500 pit bulls were euthanized in SD shelters.

Few understand that two unaltered dogs and their offspring can produce over 67,000 puppies in only 7 years. Cats, who reproduce more frequently, may birth over 420,000 offspring in that same time.

Over 50,000 pets enter our San Diego shelters each year. There are not enough homes for all the unwanted pets. SNAP’s Neuter Scooter was created to help families prevent those unwanted litters and ultimately end euthanasia of homeless pets.

Spaying and neutering a family pet also brings numerous health and behavior benefits as well.

Financially challenged pet owners may not be able to afford the traditional brick and mortar vet office surgery fees, so that is where SNAP and the Neuter Scooter roll in to help. Funded by private donations and low fees, SNAP’s 40 foot, mobile, licensed veterinarian staffed, spay and neuter surgery unit, is designed to provide a safe, state of the art surgery facility for high volume spay and neuter surgeries for pets belonging to San Diego County residents. The SNAP medical team offers 18-20 clinics per month in many areas of San Diego. Fixing 25-35 pets per day, SNAP’s Neuter Scooter is making a huge social impact.

Pets receive free, with surgery, a pre-anesthetic exam, pain-medication, nail clipping, flea/worm treatment (at the vet’s discretion) and id tag. Dogs also receive free rabies vaccination and some a 1 year license. SNAP also runs special monthly Chihuahua Only, Pit Bull Only and Cat Only clinics- all of which are breeds over-represented at our local shelters.

After 10 years of “fixing”, SNAP has altered over 45,000 pets on Neuter Scooter 1. Look for Neuter Scooter 2 in Jan 2014, which will be a semi- permanent location at the Jacobs Market Creek Plaza – helping pet owners in the Mid-City San Diego.

Like the Neuter Scooter, Neuter Scooter 2 will bring smiles to faces with large engaging photos of dogs and cats- your pet could be one of them! Please contact Lori Walton at 619-299-7436
if you would like your pet pictured on the long awaited Neuter Scooter 2.

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