While we can clean up after ourselves to maintain a healthy lifestyle, our pets cannot do the same. Surprisingly, dirt, bacteria and germs can build up in many places more quickly than you think which can expose both animals and people within the household to illness.

Owners of cats should be sure to clean their litter boxes daily. Food and water dishes should also be cleaned out every day to prevent bacteria and mold from growing. Always store food in airtight containers and wet food requires immediate refrigeration after opening.

Dog collars should be washed every four weeks and their toys should be cleaned regularly as they frequently come into contact with your pet’s saliva and your skin. They should be replaced when they begin wear to prevent ingestion of harmful substances.

For rodents such as hamsters, their cages should be cleaned out at least once per week with waste being removed daily. However, it is important not to clean the animals themselves as it can harm them.
Rabbit owners should clean hutches or cages out twice per week to keep their area clean of debris. Additionally, rabbits require fresh hay daily to stay healthy.

It is important to exercise caution when cleaning your pet and their belongings as certain chemicals may cause an allergic reaction or can be poisonous. While regular soap is typically safe, all-natural products are best if possible. Remembering to care for your animal as you would yourself will help keep you both happy and healthy.

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