Make sure the holidays are a happy time for the entire family by taking a few steps to protect your pet from harm.


Pet owners’ first thoughts about Halloween may be all the cute costume choices you have this year, but it is not all tricks and treats. Protect your pet by keeping chocolate, other candy and pumpkins out of reach as they can upset their stomach or worse. It is also important to keep pets indoors to ensure that they are not harmed roaming out in the crowds.


While people get to devour all kinds of delicious foods on Thanksgiving it is important to not feed pets scraps, have pies cooling within reach, or leave leftover turkey bones where pets can get to them. If you are going out of town, arrange for a loved one to check in on your four-legged friend to ensure they have everything they need and have not gotten into any trouble.


Chocolates and presents may be fun but it is important to pick up packaging immediately. While candles are a lovely holiday tradition, they can also peak your pet’s curiosity, so be sure to keep an eye on them when in use. Holly, poinsettia and mistletoe are poisonous to pets, substitute the festive greenery for quality fake alternatives.

Have a furry good time during your holiday festivities and keep all of your family safe!

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