Tips For Keeping Your Pets Cool.

Summer is here and so is the heat! It is not uncommon for pets to be treated for heatstroke as well as other risks, so we want to share a few safety tips to help make summer a fun and carefree season for your furry friends.

Cats do not sweat so it is important to provide a cool environment inside. If your cat seems uncomfortable, use damp towels to stroke them.

Puppy popsicles, grooming to remove excess fur and limiting exercise during the hot afternoon hours can keep your dog happy and healthy throughout the summer months. Dogs with light skin and short or thin coat are prone to sunburn so make sure to apply sunscreen!

The ears of a rabbit act as a temperature control mechanism, so misting your rabbit’s ears will help cool the blood down from cool air around the ear. You can also direct a fan at their cage and partially cover it with a damp towel to create a cooling effect.

Providing shade, misting, fans, cool water and an electrolyte source are all great ways to prevent your horse from overheating and keep them properly hydrated. A simple pinch test can determine whether a horse is dehydrated because of heat.

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