Whether prescriptions have been ineffective, or you want to try something else, alternative medicine is another option to help your pet. Popular methods include:

CBD Treats

Local company FOMO Bones has created CBD-infused dog treats for anxiety. This can be life-changing for your dog in social settings, on holidays and overcoming everyday situations that make them uneasy. These natural, non-psychoactive treats are safe and can also help with pain and arthritis.


Acupuncture has proven effective on humans for many years, but now, it is also being used on pets to relieve nausea, muscle spasms, and pain. It can also improve appetite and mobility as well as increase circulation. Better yet, the tiny needles should not cause them any pain.


Primarily, veterinary massage is recommended for rehabilitation after an injury. This is because it can minimize the aftermath and expedite their recovery. In some cases, it is used to prevent injuries in older pets. Most techniques used for animals are adapted from human massage practices.


Aromatherapy can help with all kinds of ailments such as coughs, alopecia, and parasites. It is important to note that some animals are allergic so you should seek professional advice first. Aromatherapy can also help if your pet suffers from joint pain, digestive issues, or even tendinitis.

Digestive Help

Whether irritable bowl syndrome, inflammation and poor appetite, or something more serious like cancer, a CBD tincture will benefit your pet. PetXR CBD Bacon Tincture is the perfect solution as you mix it in with your pet’s regular food.


Trying these methods could vastly improve your pet’s quality of life.