12,000 pets saved from abuse

A dog tied up in a backyard without access to food and water. Dozens of birds living in their own filth and feces, hoarded in a tiny apartment. A family cat experiencing prolonged suffering from a lack of veterinary care. 

These are just a few examples of the 12,000 calls our Humane Law Enforcement Department has responded to in the past six months. San Diego Humane Societyis now the animal service provider in 12 cities throughout San Diego County. Although our humane law enforcement division is among the largest in California, our officers can’t be everywhere, so we rely on the community to report suspected animal cruelty when you see it.

Seventy percent of people prosecuted by the San Diego District Attorney’s office have a record of animal cruelty, including strong links to domestic violence and child abuse. For this reason, the District Attorney’s office started an Animal Prosecution Unit last year. 

We could not be more proud that San Diego is taking actions like this to protect our animals, and ultimately, our people too. San Diego Humane Society’s focus for 139 years has been to protect animals. But it’s important to reflect on the role we allplay in keeping the animals and people of our community safe.

How you can be their voice. 

Because good Samaritans cared enough to report suspected cruelty, we’ve recently been able to save:  

  • Eighty-four birds from a one-bedroom apartment in Rancho Bernardo, flying freely inside and living in unsanitary conditions. They are receiving all the care they need as we get them ready for adoption. This remains to be an open, criminal investigation. 
  • Nine, 10-day old puppies abandoned inside a sealed bagat a park in Escondido. The puppies were cold, dehydrated and covered in feces and urine inside the bag. Our Humane Officers brought them to safety where they could heal and recover until they were old enough to be adopted. 


We’re proud to be entrusted with this role but we couldn’t do this important work without you. If you suspect animal cruelty or neglect in your neighborhoods, please report it to San Diego Humane Society by calling 619-299-7012.With your support, we’re truly changing the landscape of our community for vulnerable animals and the people who care about them. Thank you for helping us create a more humane San Diego.



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