Bringing a horse into your family is a big responsibility and comes with new pet-care obligations. These basic tips will help keep your horse happy and healthy. Horses are active animals that need companionship. For this reason, they should be provided with an environment where they can spend most of their day outside exercising and interacting with other horses. Your horse will also need to bond with you; you should be able to provide your equine friend with daily visits where you can pet them and occasionally give them treats.

Depending on their level of natural wear and tear, hooves should be trimmed every six to eight weeks but a quick grooming every day can help you monitor their overall health and address issues before they escalate. A horse’s diet is crucial, it should mainly consist of grass and hay to meet their nutritional daily needs and clean water in a trough that is hosed out every day. The amount of food they need generally depends on their activity level, weight and several other factors. Maintaining a clean living environment, healthy eating habits and a close relationship with your horse will allow them to flourish in their new home.

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