San Diego loves its pets. San Diego loves its high rises and condominiums. San Diego loves its pet entrepreneurs. What a perfect time and place for Urban Dog Solutions!

a pet’s life: Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to get into the pet industry?

Urban Dog Solutions: When I moved to Downtown San Diego from Tempe, Arizona 4 years ago with my senior dog Teddy Bear, it was his potty needs that got me into the pet industry! I couldn’t find anything on the market that worked for him. When I tried naturally real grass, he went on it immediately.

apl: Urban Dog Solutions offers offer a subscription service for their dogs. As a business owner and pet expert, what would you want pet parents to know aboutyour service?

UDS: We are a weekly service company. We deliver a new real grass pee patch to you and take the old one away. We dispose of the grass offsite. HOA’s love us. Keeps their community clean and urine free.

apl: What are the advantages of a real grass backyard alternative?

UDS: If you have a senior dog that can’t make it down the elevator, a dog that has to use the restroom 1 to 2 times a night, or a puppy in training, it is great! In those cases, it is almost impossible to get your puppy down the elevator without having an accident. For the busy professional that is running late from that meeting and can’t make it home in time to take their dog out to go potty.

apl: As a family owned business, we have seen how it is important for you to give back. Which pet non-profits are close to your heart?

UDS: We give to many pet rescues in San Diego to LA. Traci’s Paws, Rescue Express, PAWS for Thought Animal Rescue, Animal Pad, the Rescue Dog and most recently Urban Dog Solutions partnered with Lisa Vanderpump’s, Vanderpump Dog Foundation at their World Dog Day event in West Hollywood. Not only do we donate monetarily, but we have donated our pee patches to rescues whose pets cannot go outside or have a medical condition. Urban Dog Solutions was also a silver sponsor of the new El Cajon animal shelter that opened last year.